Wednesday, August 10, 2005


August 2005 Sampler

August 2005 Sampler

Yay, my August 2005 Sampler came in today! Someone needs to take my camera away as I am the worst photographer in the world but here is the best picture I took of the contents.

I received:

One soap sample from Naikid
A set of polaroid stickers from JLR Fashions
A postcard from Kat's Meow
Two yarn samples from Midnightsky Fibers
An orange magnet from Orange County Crafters
A mini notecard from Glamscience
A notecard from Heart Tattoo
A button from Buttonarcade
Stickers from Miss. Chief Shop
A vegan lip balm in Coffee Coffee from Heather Joy
A stationary set from Demarco Designs
A felt barrette from Copacetique
A soap shaped like a skull from Novelty Kitten
A card from Seven Six Designs
A zine from Sweet Candy Distro
A pair of earrings from Starving Artist Bazaar
A loopy loom bracelet kit from Turtle Kisses
A needle case from Bean-dip and Eddy
A kitsch bag charm from Sabrina's Charm
A jotter notepad from Annette Payne Designs

I also got a yarn sample in my last kit so I take it as a sign that I should take up knitting so I bought myself a How To Knit Kit! I hope it isn't hard because it looks like a lot of fun, then again so did cross stitch which was an incredibly short lived hobby!

The Sampler retails for $20/1 month or $50/3 month subscription for US subscribers. $26 USD/1 month or $68 USD/3 month subscription for international subscriptions. Subscriptions for the September Sampler will be open on Monday, August 15 at 11 A.M. and 4 P.M. PST at the Sampler.

This one sounds like an especially girly-girl's set. Clicked through your links - I'm thinking those soaps are going to be really nice.

Don't worry about the photo. It's so hard to get a good focused shot of that much stuff anyhow I think. I totally mucked up my camera and now there's this gigantic shadowy "w" shape in the corner of all my pics, unless I trim them. At least your shots aren't through a dinked-up W cam.
That's a lot of loot! I used to do counted cross stitch when I was young (my Mom-mom taught me and my sister), and I could do rudimentary crocheting, but I've forgotten how.

If you do take up knitting, you should make little sweaters for your perfume bottles so you can display them while protecting the juice from the light!
It is a very girly sampler but it makes sense as most of the contributers are female. I always love to get girly things even if they aren't quite me because I can tuck them in gifts.

I too learned how to cross stitch when I was little and sucked at it, tried again a few years ago and still sucked!
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