Thursday, August 04, 2005


The death of my computer

generic computer

I'm sad to report that my old computer died. It didn't come as a surprise as it starting acting strange last year so I was given some time to come to the terms of it's impending failure. Being the constant procrastinator, I did not back up my files. Not a big deal, it gives me an opportunity to start over.

The good news is that I bought a new computer yesterday! I couldn't find a picture of it but it's an HP Media Center PC and it is AWESOME!!! I still need to organize my settings, upload the software and get to know more about this computer.

It's going to take some time, but I can deal - Mandy Moore's movie taught me how!

Hooray Atreau!

But condolences on the old one!

I'm a tad surprised you hadn't already won yourself a backup pc or two in contests! And dude - WTF is up with the spam post? Is that some new internet crapola?
Which is exactly why I want the indomitable Ms.Mandy Moore to capture the vicissitudes of my life on the silver screen.

...and congrats on the new hardware!
Computers aren't given away a lot as prizes, iPods are but I've never won one of those! :*(

I agree that Mandy Moore would make a most excellent Wonder Woman! It's a shame I can't act because I'd kill for that wardrobe! I need some bullet shield bracelets and a lass of truth, doesn't everyone!
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