Thursday, August 11, 2005


Etro Relent

Etro Relent

Decided to wear Etro's Relent today which is described as relaxing, it persuades you to surrender, to slow down, and to listen to your inner rhythms that surpass the barriers of time and space.

This talc-like, amber fragrance features the dreamy essences of frangipane and Polynesian tiare.

top: bergamot, orange and lavender
middle: geranium, orange blossoms and fern
bottom: vetiver, curarine, amber, benzoin

This opens up incredibly citrusy, sort of like fresh squeezed orange juice that's slightly herbal. The orange blossom is thankfully very light on me. Slight vetiver and amber in here. A very fresh fragrance that's slightly tropical, it's perfect for hot days as an all day fragrance. The staying power of this fragrance is really good, I find that a little goes a long way with this scent.

Relent retailed for $60 when it was on the market but can be purchased for slightly less now, around $50.

Thanks for the review S! I did try this and found it nice.

Hope all is well and that you have a great weekend.

Thank you for a great review, S! To the best of my knowledge, only you, N. and I actually like it. It is perfect for the hot weather.
Have a great weekend!
Nice review, S.

Amber and orange blossom are a great combination. And I love the name, Relent.
I was surprised that this line didn't sell better, I was lucky enough to purchase all three at $15 each during last year's clearence sale at Sephora.
I really like Relent! I used to like Raving more but it was so similar to Kenzo Jungle Elephant that I gave it away (and ended up giving KJE away too, as the mace just became to strong for me). Now Relent is a favorite warm-weather comfort scent. It really comes into its own after an hour or two of wear.
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