Friday, August 05, 2005


Frédéric Malle Une Rose

Une Rose

Une rose is described on the Editions de Parfum Frédéric Malle website as the intoxicating, earthy aroma of a garden rose pulled from the ground with its roots - that's "Une Rose". Edouard Fléchier marries the voluptuousness of the flower to the carnal depth of a new truffle accord laced with woody and animal notes. A fruit and honey burst of Turkish rose absolute is punctuated with geranium and wine dregs. Une Rose - the master's rose.

Edouard Fléchier is one of the few 'star perfumers' to still spend a lot of time searching for new accords. Within the contest of this personal search, he showed Frédéric Malle a kind of olfactive sketch reproducing the earthy smell of a Perigord Truffle. At first the two men decided to use this dark smelling base as the heart of a men's fragrance. Buy they soon came to the conclusion that it would be better employed if married to a Rose accord. Furthermore, the dark smell of the Truffle gave depth to the finel rose extract and generated a natural scent close to that of a rose garden. The earthy-smelling base created a link between the natural essence of the wearer, and the "petally" smell of the flower, thus transforming this delicate scent in a true perfume.

Composition:Geranium Essence, Blue Camomile Essence, Wine Dregs Essence Turkish Rose Absolute DM (Mane)

Truffle accord: Patchouly Accord, Vetiver, Castoreum Absolute

Lately, I have been shying away from wearing rose fragrances that smell too fresh. It's been so hot and humid out here and I've been craving something with more depth. Une Rose smelled very ordinary on me until it had been on my skin for about twenty minutes, that's when I got an incredibly earthy feel for it. It started off a bit fresh and slightly sweet but develops into a dry, woody somewhat serious fragrance.

Not to say that this fragrance can't be worn for a light hearted occasion, it really can as it'sversatilesitile. Perfect for year round use as an all day fragrance but for me, it's more of an evening fragrance - something to look forward to. They staying power of this fragrance is amazing and I really didn't have to apply a lot of it. It's really a beautiful fragrance and may be my favorite one so far of the Frédéric Malle collection.

Une Rose retails for $210/3.4 oz. at Barneys.

I love Une Rose, especially for its heavily ambered dryout note. The top notes are really beautiful too, particularly since I enjoy rose in any guise, but it really becomes unusual in the dryout.
It is without a doubt one that i'd ove to have a bottle of...someday!
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