Thursday, August 11, 2005


New Hobby

New Hobby

So I'm going through my mail today and I open up this letter from Chase and it states: After careful consideration, we have decided to close the above-notes account for the following principal reasons:

Delinquency on accts
Delinquency reported on the last 48 mos.

I thought it was a scam letter as I don't have a Chase credit card until I checked my credit cards and sure enough the number is one of my Bank One credit cards. I checked my account online and there isn't a balance on it so I figured there has to be some type of mistake. I then called Bank One and they told me that they made the decision to close my account based on the information on my credit report.

A few months ago, I received an e-mail stating that my American Express account was frozen because I hadn't paid my balance. I hadn't used that card and knew that there was no balance on the account as I pay off the balance in full every month on anything I charge. They told me that my account was somehow combined with another account so everything was fixed, it was a case of mistaken identity so I didn't worry about it.

Well, now I'm worried! I called to put a fraud statement on my credit report. I was able to access one of my credit reports online and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it but I have to get all the credit reports and do futher research on what's going on! Bank One told me that my account is now closed so there isn't anything I can do there.

I feel so angry and violated right now because now I have to clear my name and credit report!

That sucks Sand!! What you need to do immediately is call all three credit reporting companies and deal with them directly and explain to get your record clean!!! Then deal with the asinine credit card companies and demand your accounts back!
I'm sorry to hear this Sand. I don't know how to fix it by Anjali's suggestions sound good.
god, identity fraud is such a nightmare

i was the victim four years ago and thought i had cleared it all up (spent HOURS on the phone) but then i tried to open an account last month, was refused and found out there is still one remaining fraudulent account


i've had it with the modern world this week!
Thanks ladies,

I feel so violated and made several phone calls yesterday. I need to wait to get my credit report and see if there is anything there that is suspicious. This really sucks!
I was the victim of identity left a few years ago and it stills comes up every once in a while. I'd like to get my hands on the thieve. My boss actually hired a private detective to hunt down the woman who stole his wife's identity. They caught her and she went to prison!
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