Friday, August 12, 2005


Philosophy Best Sellers Sweepstakes

Philosophy Win

I won my 3rd Lucky Breaks Sweepstakes! I was one of one hundred winners in the Philosophy Best Sellers Sweepstakes which included an 8-oz. Purity Made Simple, .5-oz Hope in a Tube, 1-oz. When Hope Is Not Enough serum, .5-oz. Kiss Me lip gloss, 2-oz. Hope in a Jar, 2-oz. Amazing Grace fragrance, and microdelivery peel kit (ARV $230).

This is a great win and the Philosophy skin care line is my favorite. I've never tried the serum but have tried and/or own everything else in the line. the only thing I don't like is Hope in a jar which I find is too oily for my combination skin. Luckily, that's my Mom's favorite moisturizer so I can just give it to her.

I didn't have a bottle of Amazing Grace but it had been on my list of fragrances I'd like to someday have.

Congrats S!

Let me know how you like the peel.
I have always wondered about those peels but have no clue on which one to choose.
You are just the winning-est gal I know...in so many,many ways.
Yee-ha! That's a great prize! I swear, all your wins are seriously making me consider entering some things myself. I wouldn't know what to do with all the booby-prizes though. Do you donate the stuff you don't want to charity? Sell on ebay? Anyhoo, enjoy your goodies!
How do you do it? This was a GREAT win! xoxo
Many congrats!! Great win and enjoy them as you deserve them.

Thanks everyone! I let Philosophy know about the leaky bottle but I think they already know about that problem!

I usually keep the wins that I like and give away the prducts I have to use for to family and friends. I am going to save up some wins however and am working on donating them to charity. I think it would be bad karma to sell it all on Ebay, I've been so luck thus far why jinx it right. Plus, I hated selling on Ebay! It was such a hassle for me, also the reason that I hate swapping - too time consuming. You run into too many problems dealing with strangers!

It's better just to send random packages and such.

With contests I enter so many I try not to set my heart on any specific prize but when you win something you love and adore - that's the best!
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