Saturday, August 20, 2005


Quickie Chronicle - The Summer Lover

Quickie Chronicle - The Summer Lover

Look what else I got yesterday! Too Faced's Quickie Chronicle - The Summer Lover palette! The Quickie Chronicles palettes are disguised as miniature books but inside you get a whole lot of color!

The Quickie Chronicles "She had always been a good girl. She played by the rules, never kissed on the first date and agreed Daddy always knew best. But then this innocent girl picked up the 'Quickie" chronicles, and honey, she was never the same."

The Summer Love is described as:
Once a well-behaved schoolgirl, "The Summer Lover" started stripping down to her bikini and ditching her school books as soon as she could hitch a ride to the beach. Her insatiable appetite for surfer boys and lip gloss made her mother cry and her heart race, and nothing less than the perfect palette of sun-drenched berries for eyes, face, and lips would do.

Palette includes Blush in Pink Mocha, Eye Shadows in Golden Taupe, Pink Sand, and Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Lip Glosses in Raspberry Fizz, Peach Smoothie, Pink Caramel, and Strawberry Shake, plus a double-ended applicator and brush.

This is my first Quickie Chronicle palette but I love the concept and colors, makes me want to collect all of them! It's a good thing i'm a woman of restraint! Anyhow, the good thing about The Summer Love is the colors - this is a day to night palette and the colors aren't limited to summer alone. I could easily see wearing these come autumn or winter as the blush gives you a light skin kissed glow. Plus it's compact and would fit in even the smallest purse. Also, berries colors are known to work on almost all skin tones.

The drawback, it doesn't come with a blush brush so you'll have to use your own. It also doesn't have a mirror but many of us can find a mirror or two in our purses.

It's retails for $25 and is available through b-glowing and Sephora. Your best bargain would be to order it from b-glowing as there is always the 10% off code with MUA plus there is free shipping on orders over $75. Also, Sephora charges me tax even though the closest Sephora in my state is like ten hours away!

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