Friday, August 05, 2005


Rose Ring

Rose Ring

I love funky rings so I ordered this last week and it finally arrived! Much cuter and bigger (1") than I was expecting. Such a shame that it isn't scented!

$6 at Fred Flare.

I thought it was candy wax, like the stuff they make those vampire lips and fake buckteeth out of!
Oh that would be awesome! Those wax lips are so cool - I wish I could find them year round!
oooh it's cute! i want one!

you are always posting pics of lovely things that i want to buy!
Looking at that ring, it's clear I have such a horrible filthy dirty mind. To explain what I see? Uh, think Georgia O'Keefe painting. I know, I know... sorry!
Oh K,

You're so dirty! I'll never be able to look at my ring the same way again! *sobs*

The girl with the naughty ring
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