Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Seven Years

Close up of a broken mirror --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

I broke a mirror yesteday, the glass went everywhere and I cut my finger while picking it up. Eww, there was blood. Just a little, but being severely hemophobic doesn't help matters.

I'm not superstitious and I've broken mirrors before, not because of my face (although some would beg to differ) but because I'm rather clumsy and careless and end up dropping them.

Anyhow, the bad luck has started! I got an ugly bruise last night as I was trying to fix my office chair and then today, my nail broke!

All my nails are long now except for my thumb which makes it feel like a social outcast! I'm now going to have to cut all my nails short so that the thumb doesn't feel left out!

Stupid mirror!

Oh, I am sorry to hear this. Do not take superstitions close to heart. ((Hugs))
No, no! You can think your way out of this! Don't accept the bad luck, toss it back at the Universe! xoxo
Or you could cut them all short except for the pinky fingers, and pretend you were a Chinatown gangbanger coke fiend.
awww! no bad luck allowed! you know what? when i first saw that picture, i thought i was looking at a close-up of dragonfly wings... i thought that you might find that interesting... or not! anyhow, sending you a smooch to your poor finger.
this is why i do not grow my nails - too much potential for irritation when one breaks

i also never paint them, as i cannot bear chipped varnish (except on toenails, where i think it has an air of shabby chic)

Aw S. I will send you good luck vibes! :-)
I'm so sorry you got a boo-boo! I must admit to being glad that I'm not the only person who can't stand having uneven fingernails! Luckily mine grow fast, because whenever one breaks they ALL have to conform to the new length :~P
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