Friday, August 26, 2005


The shade of my hair

I never intended to color my hair but two to three years ago, my hair started falling out. First it was a few hairs here and there and then it was a few patches of hair due to undiagnosed/treated Graves disease. I looked like a balding man, when my hair started growing back, it looked like I was sporting a mini toupee on my head and I referred to it as my toupee.

A friend of mine offered to give me some highlights to make my hair look fuller. So, she put in the highlights and cut my hair into a short bob - I looked normal and the hair looked more full.

But, they were permanent highlights and the more my hair grew back the tackier the highlights looked. I decided to color my entire hair instead of waiting years for the highlights to grow out. Being thrifty, (my sister calls me cheap) I had my choice of three different hair colors that were given to me for free because Garnier had just launched their 100% haircolor line.

At that point I didn't care what color my hair was so I had my sister choose the color and she chose Garnier 100% color in Blue Black #210.

I ended up with cartoonish hair that looked blue outdoors and black indoors. After time, the blue faded out and for several months it was black until the highlights started coming out again.

I had won a certificate for a free box of hair color so I chose Clairol Herbal Essence Fearless Color in Sapphire Black No.70 which is my current hair color.

This one has lasted for six months and the highlights never appeared. But I'm tired of it being black and want to go back something more like my natural dark brown color.

So, I just applied the above hair color to my hair. It's Garnier 100% color, shade #433 Dark Golden Brown. We'll see how it turns out and it's not that big of a deal if I hate the color because it's only hair and it grows back. Plus, I have one box left to color my hair Garnier 100% color, shade #401 Deep Brown.

As I also have Vitiligo, the odds are great that I will loose the entire pigment in my hair as I have on most of my skin and some of the hair on my body so I'm looking at a lifetime of coloring my hair. Ah, it's not so bad!

UPDATE: After all is said and done I am now sporting a new hair color. Dark Golden Brown my ass, my hair is red! No biggie right? I've always been curious to see what I'd look like as a red head and now I know.

Except there is one teensy little problem, only my roots are red! Where I had colored my hair black previously, that's still black! So, I have red roots and black hair. Ah, red roots on about 4-5" of my head! So now I have a two toned hair!

No use crying over bad hair, it'll grow back and then I'll have three toned hair. Anyone else want to join the trend? It's kinda like i have a freaky Shakira thing going on with my hair.

Absolutely! Hair grows, fades, falls out, looks good and not so good...It is consistent in the fact that it changes.

Guess who I am meeting this weekend, Sand? Parisjasmal & Company...I am so excited..

Be well.
I think it looks kinda cool, actually! And remember this: it's better than dorito hair! (((S)))
Oh, I know all about the two-tone hair. Halloween Head, they used to call me. As long as you stay safely on the red side of Dorito head, you're good!
Actually...this looks totally punk rock. I like it!
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