Thursday, August 18, 2005


The Snow Garden

The Snow Garden

I've never read an Ann Rice book, I checked one out once from a library years ago and never got around to reading it so I have no idea how good they really are. Christopher Rice is her son and several years ago he wrote his first novel, A Density of Souls. He came across as a really nice person and the plot of the story sounded really good so I couldn't wait to read it! I did and hated it! I had plans on reading it again, perhaps upon second reading I'd fall in love with it but I leant it to my best friend Connie who has a tendency to lose things so I never saw that book again.

Anyhow, the plot of his second novel, The Snow Garden sounded like it had much more potential than the first one did. It started off really good and somewhere along the way it picked up suckitude. This was awful, truly awful! So awful in fact that if a burglar were to break in and gave me the choice of re-reading this book again or being shot in the foot - the foot would have to go!

At least it wasn't an expensive lesson, just $4 down the drain. Are people getting paid to write positive reviews online or something like that because this book SUCKED!!!

Please, if you value your time, your mind and your eyes - don't bother reading this book!!!

So is it crappy writing, a suckitude of plot, or an awful combination of the two? Did you force yourself to finish it, or did you toss it away in disgust before the end? I need details!
Combination of the two and I read the entire thing. That's the thing about me, I have to finish things over time.

The last book that I refused to finish was "A Catcher In The Rye." I really hated it and the only reason i didn't finish it was because it was my sister's copy and I read it while visiting her.

Otherwise, I would have finished it. Why must I know how things end?
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