Thursday, August 04, 2005


Sway & Tech and the lucky few.

Last week I got an e-mail from XXL Magazine that I won one of their contests so I sent an e-mail to verify my information and they responded asking if I had entered the Fat Joe or Sway and Tech contest. I honestly had no idea, so I guessed Sway and Tech. How can they notify me of having won if they can't keep track of which contest I entered?

Anyhow, I was a winner in the Back to Basics Sweepstakes and received the Sway and Tech Back to Basics CD, Freestyle DVD, t-shirt and LRG cap (ARV $74.94)

I also won a Stella Artois chalice (ARV $1) with the following letter attached:


You are one of the lucky few who is receiving a free Stella Artois chalice.

In Belgium, tradition and ritual require each brew to have its own distinct glass. That's why Belgium's finest beer is served in the unique Stella Artois chalice. The chalice was specifically designed to produce a perfect head and taste to match, putting Stella Artois in a class of its own.

To fully enjoy a cold Stella Artois in your new chalice, the proper pouring method is very important. For complete instructions, visit

Sharing the Stella Artois experience with friends is one of the finer things in life. To this end, you can purchase additional chalice glasses online at

Enjoy your Stella Artois chalice glass.

I think buying additional Stella Artois chalice glasses defeats the purpose of being one of the "lucky few to win one."

Would you ask an Academy Award winner to purchase additional copies so their friends can share in the Academy Award experience? NO!

Don't envy me because I have a Stella Artois chalice, you can purchase one but it still won't make you one of the "lucky few to win one!"

Woohoo! Much better to win a Stella Artois chalice than to be at fault for everything!!!

BTW - d'you want me to send you a pair of my new trend-setting earrings earrings in the mail? I have them in "regular" and "super plus".
I love the word chalice.
Trina, you are wicked wild! I think I should use the chalice to drink water out of - that way I won't have to follow their special instructions.
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