Monday, August 01, 2005


WW: Dammit! Move scale, MOVE!!!

The bad news: My weight stayed the same this week, I've been feeling so drained lately like all my energy had been sucked out and I've been getting headaches in the afternoons which is a result of the heat and humidity. I have a Doctor's appointment this month and think that my medication (Synthroid) will have to be adjusted this time around. Last time my Doctor mentioned that my levels were low and if they are low again this time he'd have to adjust the medication. It'll be nice when I'm feeling more normal again. Stupid Graves disease!

The good news: I've been wearing a smaller pair of jeans and my clothes are getting a bit loose so while my weight hasn't changed my body has!

I logged in my weight this morning and got the following message:

It's natural to have mixed feelings on these weeks when the scale remains the same. On one hand, you might be a little disappointed that you didn't lose weight, but on the other, you're just thankful that you haven't gained!Either way, simply focus your energy on making this coming week a losing one.

I'm not feeling too frustrated that the scale hasn't moved because I still see and feel the results and am more focused on the goal than anything else. Baby steps, baby steps but in time I'll get to the finish line!

more power to you, for having the strength to stay with it all this time. proud of you. xoxoxo
You've made SO much progress! I know it's frustrating at times like this, but I envy you your ability to take control over an area that's so difficult for so many of us. Stay strong sweetie! I'm pulling for you!
I think my persistance will pay off in the end, my eating habits are forever changed by this!
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