Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ain't nothing like a ring thing baby

I placed my first order from Plain Mabel last week and it came in yesterday. I ordered a set of Switchrings as I had been wanting to buy them for a while, at first I wanted to order three sets but I held some restraint and just ordered one in case i didn't like them

Plain Mabel is celebrating their 2nd anniversary this month and they have $2 shipping (for US and Canada) for the entire month. They sell all sorts of handcrafted and one of a kind items on the site.

Switchrings come in all sorts of different colors and four pieces come in each set to assemble two rings. Plain Mabel chooses the colors for you but if you have a strong like/dislike for a specific color you can make note of that. I mentioned that my favorite color was pink, followed by purple, blue and green and in my set I received a pink outer band, a purple inner wedge, a green outer band and a white inner wedge.

Now I want all the colors!

Switchrings retail for $8/1 set at Plain Mabel

Other super cool thing I like at Plain Mabel:
Cake Necklace $15
Cupcake Patch $1
Cupcake Doll $15
Strawberry Change Purse $10
Jumbo Fuchsia Flower Brooch $35
Mr. Bunny Stationary Set $8.50

In other news, my Bastardassmotherfuckerring came in today and it's so pretty in person. I tried in vain to take pictures of it but I don't do it justice. But I'm still pissed off that Overstock.com did the bait and switch on me!

Those switchrings look kinda cool. And, the badassmotherfuckerring looks cool too. You are quite the ring gal! :-)

I totally want that ring, too! Then we can be ringtwins.

Yay! Ringtwins! I love my new rings and need to buy more!
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