Thursday, September 01, 2005



I was looking around at Overstock.com last night and saw this ring and though it was really cute so I ordered it. I go through the check out process and it says that shipping is only $1. Fantastic right, go through the confirmation page and it still says $1 for shipping....until after the order was submitted - it then turned into a $2.95 shipping charge! I took this screen capture after my order was submitted where it still lists $1 as the shipping charge! BASTARDS!!

Now, the shipping has gone up to $2.95. I don't mind paying $2 more for shipping but when I'm told i'm going to pay $1 - I expect to pay $1!

Anyhow, here's a link to the ring which I'm going to refer to as the "Bastardassmotherfuckerring!"

Bastardassmotherfuckerring retails for $15.99. Don't even ask me what the shipping is for this item because it could be $2.95 or maybe they'll hike that up as well! BASTARDS!

BWAH ha ha ha!

Was there some kind of limited time shipping sale that you just missed? That's crazy!
That ring is awesome! I might have to get one just because of the nifty name you gave it! And don't get me started on Overstock's shipping - they've jerked me around repeatedly. I get irritated when I get those "$1 shipping! Limited time!" emails from them - like it's such a massive difference and I better move quickly :~P

Let me know how the ring is IRL!
you kill me Sand! BTW Thanks for the Animal Rescue link and the Red Cross link.

BTW the bamf ring is very cool!

I must have ordered the ring as soon as shipping went back up to the "normal price." Stupid Overstock.com!
Damn. I really like this stupidbadassmofo ring. Would you still be my friend if I bought it from them right now? :-p
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