Saturday, September 03, 2005


Bourbon French Blue Blossoms

I was sorting through my samples this morning hoping to test something new and stumbled across a set of Bourbon French fragrances. I've never tried any fragrances from this line and had been wanting to try them, especially now more than ever. I put a handfull of samples in this zippered pouch that arrived months ago. It was my new favorite pouch and I was going to put all untested fragrances in it. Well, I did and must have set it aside and forgotten about it!

Anyhow this is how Bourbon French describes Blue Blossoms which is part of their first collection: Floral and spicy! This fabulous fragrance is a mixture of different flowers and spices. Blue Blossom is a perennial favorite because men find it so alluring. Wear it when you're feeling mischievous.

So how does it smell? I'm a sucker for spicy fragrances and am always on the hunt for spicy florals. It opens up with carnation accompanied by cinnamon and clove. It's really pretty but doesn't last long enough, it dries down to a powdery scent along with what I think is lilac. There is something else in here that I'm having trouble pinpointing. I also smell inscense in here.

This would be a wonderful year round fragrance as the spices lose their bite quite fast after application. The staying power could have been better but it's still a rather lovely fragrance.

The parfum retails for $65/1 oz. and is sold through Bourbon French Perfumes.

Bourbon French is located in New Orleans, right? clearing and I were talking last night about how important it will be to support these perfumers (also Hove and Lagniappe Oakes?) as they get back on their feet after Katrina. xoxo
I couldn't agree more M! I plan on testing all the Bourbon French and Lagniappe Oaks samples that I have. I don't have any Hove samples but will without a doubt get my hands on some as soon as they are back on their feet.
Yvonne La Fleur I believe is also a NO perfumery. I would like to help them, too.

I discovered Bourbon French Forever New Orleans this year, a few months back when a perfpal sent me a sample. I plan on buying this as soon as they're back in business. Mirelle, you might like it, too--it's a gourgeous scent--an uberfeminine, voluptuous floral with a touch of spice and warmth, and although I don't have the notes, I think it's a white floral (which would explain why I like it).
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