Monday, September 05, 2005


Bourbon French Kus Kus

I have worn this fragrance for the past two days and think I am really captured by this scent.

Kus Kus is described on the Bourbon French Parfums site as a soft, powdery, spicy scent created by August Doussan in 1843.

It opens up smelling a bit like Jergens lotion without the cherry scent. It smells mostly like heliotrope in it along with vanilla and musk. It seems more powdery when the fragrance is first applied and when it's exposed to heat plus, there is this soft subtle burst of a bouquet of flowers in this fragrance - no single note really stands out - it's very beautiful. There is the smallest hint of clove in this fragrance.

If you like powdery fragrances, you'd like this one. In my opinion this is better than Talco Delicato or Teint de Neige. I would have liked the staying power to have been a little bit better than it was but it certainly didn't fade right away. I think this would be a beautiful year round fragrance because it's subtle enough to be worn in warm weather yet would still make an impact in the cold.

This is one I would love to add to my collection without a doubt!

Kus Kus retails for $65/1 oz. for the parfum.

This sounds great! I must try this. Thanks for the excellent review.

Oh N, I didn't realize you were back! Yay!
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