Friday, September 09, 2005


Bourbon French La Pluie

I'm wearing Bourbon French's La Pluie today which is described on the site as:
La Pluie ~ "The Rain" This fragrance is a light Lily of the Valley blend.

If you are a fan of Body Time China Rain or JLo Glow you'd like this fragrance because it smells very similar to those two fragrances. This is a bit softer and slightly more floral but if I were to do a blind sniff test I wouldn't really be able to tell the difference between the three.

I was given a miniature bottle of JLo Glow as a gift years back and I gave it away I tried in vain to move past the name and focus on the fragrance.

When I smelled La Pluie I regretted having given away the JLo Glow bottle for a second until I realized that it just doesn't work on me - no matter what name it's called or who's image is behind it. La Plurie is a year round fragrance in my opinion and the staying power is fairly good - it has since faded on me.

La Plurie retails for $65/1 oz. for the parfum.

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