Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Bourbon French Voodoo Love

Voodoo Love, I was curious how this would smell because of the name alone. Bourbon French Parfums describes this fragrances as:

Marie Laveau became known as the most powerful Voodoo Queen in the world. This deep, earthy fragrance is a re-creation of the special potion Marie Laveau gave to her favored clients so they could gain the object of their affections.

It opens up incredibly smoky - this isn't an incense smoky or even a tabacco fragrance. It's smoky like thick, heavy cigarette smoke. I'm VERY sensitive to cigarette smoke so I was turned off right away but the smoke smell is soon covered up as the fragrance sinks into the skin.

I swear I smell some cumin in here, very faint but it's apparent as it's it warms up with body heat. There are some floral notes in here but nothing that stands out, this is rather spicy and earthy. There is some sweetness that's coming through this fragrance - maybe vanilla? There is also some musk in here which seems rather animalistic.

It smells better than I describe it but this isn't a fragrance that I like in particular. I can only imagine someone wearing this in colder weather as I think it's just too heavy for spring and summer heat. The staying power in this one is very good.

Voodoo Love parfum retails for $57.50/1 oz.


I like the new look of your blog!!

Voodoo love sounds just like a great forbidden treat!!

Be well.
Thanks B!
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