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26 Mar 1954, New York, New York, USA --- The morning after...her Oscar before her, Audrey Hepburn happily waves telegrams congratulating her on winning the 1954 Motion Picture Academy Award for the Best Performance by an Actress. Dutch born Miss Hepburn, 24, won the Oscar for her performance as the princess in Roman Holiday, her first starring role. She is shown backstage at the 46th street theatre where she is currently appearing in Ondine. - Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Congratulations to my best friend Annie who's fabulous blog Blogdorf Goodman was written about in the New York Times! Hope the phone is ringing off the hook and someone has offered you a fashion editor position or your on magazine by now!

Rockin' Robin's site Now Smell This was also noted! Now Smell This is by far one of the absolute best sites on the web and is crucial reading for anyone who loves fragrance!

Congratulations ladies, may this be the first of many!

I love the phote in reference to Annie's big mention. So creative and cool Sand!

BTW--May I ask how you guys became best friends. You see I am against titles such as "Best Friend" so I always want people to defend titles! Tee hee hee!

This picture is spectacular!
You are the bestest friend EVER!

Paris: We discovered that we were best friends on MUA. We had a zillion things in common. We have the exact taste in men so we should never hit the single scene together. We might have to fight. LOL
Yay, congrats to you two lovely, talented ladies!!!

PS. Sand -- did you ever start watching or liking Veronica Mars? If so, season premiere's on the 28th! I'm biting my fingernails off in anticipation :)
It feels so weird, knowing people who are famous! I'm related to a few, and now I'm perfume-pals with some more! It still boggles me a little.

Annie & Sand - how about I just take Becks for myself? That way you two can hang out without squabbling over a silly uber-sexy football star? I really think this is the best solution for everyone.
Aaah! I can't WAIT for Veronica Mars! LOOOOVE that show!
Thanks S! I left town right after the news, so if any fashion editors called me, I missed the call. Hope Annie has already been picked up by Vogue :-)
*~*~*~*Congratulations*~*~*~* to Annie and Rockin' Robin, two uberfab perfumistas with the most excellent blogs. May you both go far, far, far...beyond the horizon and across the galaxy with your talents.

And I know Sand will be next!! And Sand, it won't matter much that you can't link from MUA anymore--we who love Ombligo! will always find it and spread the word because you are our *S*T*A*R*, too. Rock on, babe.
Yay! Super congratulations to A and R! I love Veronica Mars - you got me hooked A! T - you better keep your mitts off Becks! Sali - you're the super star babe!
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