Thursday, September 22, 2005


Emmy 2005 Awards

I though I had posted about the Emmy awards but I guess not. These were my favorite dresses from the Emmy awards.

Felicity Huffman in Kevan Hall.

I really like Felicity Huffman, she seems like a really down to earth person. While she looks rather homely on Desperate Housewives, she's incredibly beautiful and it's times like this that she really has the opportunity to shine.

Marcia Cross in Elie Saab.

Marcia Cross seems to come across very passive aggressive but I think deep down inside she's a rather nice person. She's also recently engaged, isn't it wonderful!

Halle Berry in Ungaro.

Halle Berry always looks great in vibrant colors and I love, love, love the color of this dress! Such a stunner and bouncing back from whatever life throws her way.

Sela Ward

For the longest time my Mom has wanted to look like Sela Ward. Anyhow, Sela's dress was just amazing and I think she improves with age. Cheers to another late bloomer!

I noticed that there was a lack of necklaces on the red carpet this time around but I did like the appearance of magnolia pins in support of those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

To purchase a magnolia pin or hair clip like the ones seen at the Emmys, Lindsay Designs sells them for $10 and 20% of proceeds will be donated to hurricane Relief Efforts.

In my May 2005 Sampler, I received a pin from Linday Designs and it's just fabulous so I highly recommend them.

Oh I had heard Marcia Cross was one of the better dressed, but she really does look gorgeous. Wow. What a perfectly put together outfit. Makes me want to be a redhead.
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