Thursday, September 22, 2005


Happy Autumn!!!

I just love this time of year! Of course it doesn't get cold out here until the last week of October if we're lucky! Still, this is my favorite time of year!

I ordered Nanadebary Bronze this morning which is going to be my signature fragrance this season. I didn't love it at first but decided to test it again this summer and really liked it. Took it for a final test drive last week and still loved it. I really like that it can be worn both in warm weather and cool so it won't be too much of a transition once the weather cools down.

As for signature color I'm really feeling red. I don't wear red nicely as I'm fairly pale and when I blush or just get worked up my face turns beet red - not a pretty sight which is a shame since I have two-toned red/black hair. So I'm sticking to red accessories - mainly the large red durango Hype bag I bought a year ago and never used. It's like this one but red and the clasps are different but everything else is the same.

I'd love a killer scarf in the red as well and maybe a hat! Nevermind that my head is warped and I don't really wear hats well.

Goals for this season: To continue on my journey in reinventing/building myself into the best "Me" I can possibly be. I'm also putting myself on a volunteer no spending on myself until December for fragrances and accessories. Been dropping it like it's hot lately so I need to curb my spending before it gets out of control.

Anyhow, there are a ton of books I've been meaning to read but never quite took the time to read - I'd like to make this a season of learning and exploring. While I can't quite afford the entire Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection, I should buy a few this season.

Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection is sold through Amazon for $7,989.50 /Over a thousand books are in the collection.

Nanadebary Bronze retails for $130/3.3 oz and is sold at Aedes, Barneys Luckyscent and Luscious Cargo.

The red Hype bag I bought a year ago for I believe $45 at Marshalls on clearance.

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