Saturday, September 10, 2005


Lia Sophia Win

I won the earrings and necklace shown above they are made by Lia Sophia which is a line I'd never heard of before. They are one of those companies where you host parties and try to sell stuff to your "friends" (Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperwear, etc..). I put friends in quotes because real friends don't act like drug pushers and try to hawk stuff you don't really want or need.

Anyhow, the necklace is much cuter on the Ci-Boy than it is on me (note: The red Kabbalah string is still on which means that the Ci-boy is filled with negativity.) Ci-boy isn't sporting the earrings as Ci-Boy doesn't have ears!

The earrings which are called Vanity Flair retail for $22 and the necklace which is called Sweetness retails for $29. Both can be purchased through a Lia Sophia advisor.

Poor lil negative Ci-Boy! Maybe his pretty new necklace will make him feel better.
Okay, honestly, I think that necklace is really cute. But the whole "party" peerpressure selling thing is one that I find wholly uninteresting. Sigh. Oh well.

errfoszu - an airline company you really should book flights with.
It's much cuter in person that it is in that catalog picture. I hate any sort of pressure to buy anything.

xoxji - A sauce you put on beef to make it tast good.
Here's a no-pressure sales pitch: If you're looking to buy any lia sophia jewelry, take a look at my website. http://liasophiajewelry.blogspot.com/ I'm a brandnew advisor that loves the product and am able to place orders for you if you'd like.
Thanks and Ciao!!
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