Saturday, September 17, 2005


Marshalls Bargains

I hit Marshalls last night looking for a scarf but I didn't find anything I liked in their stock. I did however find these little goodies:

It looks black in this picture but it's really navy.

I really liked the shape of this bag and it's navy! I believe this is the only navy bag in my collection. I wish I could find a leather bag in this shape but until then I'll have to settle for this one which is polyester. It's a Liz Claiborne with a retail price of $48.00.

Navy bag up close.

It has a rather long handle.

I also found this which will be nice for spring, of course it's a long time until spring rolls around again but I really liked the color. It's a Sak with a retail price of $62.00.

Lavender bag up close.

I also looked over the fragrances and bath items but there wasn't anything new. There were some boxes that had been opened with the bottles missing. I always hate picking up things in the bath and body section because there always seems to be some type of gloop all over the items like something spilled on them.

I was lucky enough to snag this Hard Candy trio of nail polishes - it was the only one there! It came with Static - this is my favorite of the three which is a bluish/purple color, Solar - which is in gold and Complex which is a bit of a rust color.

HC polishes in the box.

I love Hard Candy nail polishes as they come with a ring attached to each bottle. I have a small collection of them stored with my other funky rings. These are discontinued colors and each bottle retailed for around $12.00 I believe. Prices have since dropped on Hard Candy merchandise. I believe they are trying to market the line more to "Tweens" as Generations X and Y get older.

HC polishes out of the box.

I really didn't need any of these items but all three were on clearance . The Liz Claiborne bag was the "most expensive" item at $12.00. The Sak bag came in at $8.00 and the set of Hard Candy nail polishes came out to $3.00.

Total damage done was $24.90!

I never find cute purses like that! Never! Those are great, S! I dig them both, but the LC one from the pictures looks really great. Love the strap length on it, too. You are a obviously a shopper extrodinaire.
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