Monday, September 05, 2005



It almost never gets cold here so I don't even know why I'm complaining but I've been on the hunt for the perfect scarf for a while now and I found one yesterday on Etsy and as soon as I was about to order it - it said it was sold out! Snatched right under my nose plus it was only $12! Plus, it was long and thick and cream colored - exactly what i wanted in a scarf! *sobs*

Oh well, the hunt continues! I bought myself a How To Knit Kit that I haven't opened yet - maybe I can get off my ass and learn to knit one?

Oh, thanks for reminding me! I had the perfect scarf, but I was silly enough to wash it, and now it is no more. If you find a good scarf, be sure to let me know!
Whoa - digging the new look for your blog, here. I love that you put the charity links at the top of the sidebar. I really need to remember to do that as well.

I'm waiting for Christmas for a new scarf - my brother's girlfriend is learning how to knit, and my brother *hinted* she's working on something or another for me.

In the meantime, I shall be stuck with the same boring black wool thing I bought, like, 15 years ago.
I just love pretty scarves but seldom find any nice one. I want something soft and long.
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