Monday, September 19, 2005


September 2005 Sampler

September 2005 Sampler

My September 2005 Sampler arrived today!

A card from Fork 'n Spoon Mailorder
The Media Whore Feminist Literature Review from Feed Your Head Books
An owl card from Fern House Studio
A ephemera bag,from Paper, Scissors, Soul
A blooming button flower pin from Stinky Lou Lou
Bath salts from Wrong Number Distro
A button set from DeMarco Designs
Some "Card me" cards from rhymes with twee
Bejewelled hair pins from Designed by RJ
A 1964 kid's workbook pin from melababy@hotmail.com
A pin from Eclectic Elements
A yellow chiffon belt from Mellifluous Couture
Hairpins from The Star City Sound
A fat kitty button from Little Dear
Cherry earrings from Hannah Zakari
A wristband from Hollypop
A "I ♥ mail" button from Whammy! Buttons
A mini bag book from *turtle kisses*
A silver-embossed mini-card frommega(k)nits
A Nag Champa Bath Melt from Molly Artisanal Soap
A bookmarker from Magpie Molly

All of that plus a bag of candy because The Sampler is a year old! I can't decide which is my favorite thing of the bunch but I had looking to buy some cherry earrings and now I have a pair! Yay!

The Sampler retails for $20/1 month or $50/3 month subscriptions for Americans and $26/1 month or $68/3 months for International Subscribers. That price includes shipping.

Wow! You got three times the stuff in your birthday sampler than I did. I was so disappointed I will never order it again. I was so excited to because I had seen all the cool stuff you got. Maybe there's a Sampler in crowd I'm not a part of. :( I feel cheated.
Thanks for mentioning my things-- I'm the lady behind Fern House Studio & the owl card.

You did seem to get quite a load of stuff there. I have to say, I had less in mine as well, though I LOVED it! Maybe you just have good Sampler karma?
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