Monday, September 26, 2005


Serge Lutens - Cédre

Photo taken from Aedes.com

When I first heard of Cédre I wanted to cry over the notes: cedar, cinnamon, musk, amber *swoon*............................................and tuberose.

TUBEROSE!?!?! You've got to be freakin' kidding me! Tuberose? My heart sank and I wanted to cry! Not to say that I don't like tuberose, but if you're spicing up a floral, why would you choose tuberose?

In my head I was thinking this was going to be a creamy and in your face tuberose so my expectations were low on this fragrance before trying it.

I'm all over the top notes in this fragrance as it opens up with a bold cinnamon that dried down far too soon on my skin. Once it dries down it loses some not all of its momentum. In the drydown the cinnamon is very subtle and the cedar seems to be heavier when the fragrance is closer to my pulse points but tuberose takes center stage in this fragrance. The amber really warms it up and there seems to be a sweetness buried in here - like a drop of honey.

It's still so hot and the high today was 98°F and this scent seemed to be a perfect choice for today as I'm sure it would in colder weather as well. The staying power is really good in this fragrance. Applied it this morning and could still sense it on my skin when I was on the treadmill this evening.

Cédre retails for $150/1.69oz Eau de Parfum and is sold at
Aedes, Barneys and La Creme Beauty.

Note: It's not shown on either the Barneys or La Creme Beauty website so you'll have to contact them for it.

For Barneys NY contact Tyler Mayo at 212-833-2003.
For La Creme Beauty contact Autumn Asbury at 206-634-0805 or cs@lacremebeauty.com.

I really adore this fragrance dear S! Great review and hope you are well.

Hey S,
I like Cedre and can see using it this winter. I think it smells a lot like Bond Chinatown.

Lovely review!

xoxo to you!
Great review, S! I love Cedre, and I cannot wait to wear it more often. It is an inferno today.
Wait - so this worked on you? The drydown 6 or so hours later was beautiful on me, but everything up to that was horror. Why does Serge torture me like this?!?
i bought a la nuit lately but then asked for a sample of cedre and prefer it by a mile!

how can i justify another purchase? help!!!!!
I was surprised by this one. It was very good. Who knew that this mix of notes could smell so wonderfully together? It still is no match for my fav Fumerie Turque. One day I might cave on that one....
Hugs best friend!!!!
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