Saturday, September 03, 2005


Stupid Girl

Yesterday I was decanting Etro Relent into a 1/2 oz bottle and it was half full when I stopped to fix the sprayer as it was getting jammed. I then washed my hands and reached for the bottle again. Filled it to the top, sealed it and got the rest of the package ready.

Decided to send along samples of Etro Resort and Raving so I start filling the vials of the two fragrances. When I started spraying Resort I thought "Hmm, wasn't I spraying this earlier?" So I check the bottom of the bottle and sure enough I was!

I filled the decant half full of Relent and the other half full of Resort! I had to start all over again with a new decant bottle and sprayed it full of Relent without stopping this time!

Ugh, I'm so stupid! Thus creating Stupid Girl a fragrance that is 1/2 Relent, 1/2 Resort.

Also, can anyone tell me why "Girl, you know it's true" is running through my head? *sobs* Please, make it stop!

HA Stupid girl fragrance!!!

I do not care what anyone says--Milia and Vanillia were hot!
I felt like such a moron for having done that!

Poor Milli Vanilli, it was a bit funny when they tried to prove that they did sing and they were just awful. Plus, they really couldn't dance - what was that all about?
Thanks for making the effort, sweetie! Totally worth it for me, anyhoo!
Aw, man, Stupid Girl sounds like a real perfume--I'd buy it. I also happen to love the song by Cold called Stupid Girl--I mean, LOVE. Lemme smell it sometime. ;-D
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