Friday, September 23, 2005


Washburn House of Blues Acoustic Guitar

A few months ago I was sent by accident a book called How 2 Play Guitar through Fred Flare so I wondered if the universe giving me a sign that I had to learn to play guitar? Of course that would entail me owning a guitar which I didn't up until a few minutes ago!

I'm a second place winner in the Coors Light - Taste the Cold, Get the Music Sweepstakes and I won a Washburn House of Blues Acoustic Guitar (ARV $150)!

Attention Gods and Goddesses of the sweepstakes universe, I wouldn't mind winning a few million dollars!

The Guitar and Hope the punkassmotherfuckingdog!

Washburn House of Blues Acoustic Guitar is sold on this site for $149.99.

OOH, it's a Washburn acoustic! This is what our friend plays--she's a singer-songwriter-videographer who once wrote & made a hit video in the '80s on a local music video station in NY (U68) called "I Ain't Gonna Pee In No Cup". Anyway, this is just the beginning, Sand...it's your calling to play music when an instrument comes into your life like this. I am still trying to make something out of my own music after playing for so many years, and I've been a pro since I was 16, but let me tell you, Sting said it best on one of the award shows in recent years, that music is its own reward. All the best to you. I have never regretted being able to play an instrument. You could learn "Mame" on this guitar--the chords aren't that complicated!
A guitar AND a guitar lesson book? Oh, man, you do know a sign when you see one, right?

Hope just wanted to be in the picture, that's all!

I was sitting in my room today with the windows open, and I heard someone from a neighboring building practicing guitar (and he/she was quite good!) I immediately thought of you, dear Sand!

Your brother Matthew
Clearly, this is your calling.

Play it till your fingers bleed!
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