Monday, September 19, 2005


WW: And the beat goes on.

I've been feeling so frustrated lately because I had been sticking to my points and exercising and was losing little to no weight.

Doubt started setting in and I was feeling like maybe I couldn't do this anymore,maybe it was time to throw in the towel.

For the last three weeks I've been on an increased level of Synthroid as I have Graves Disease so I was hoping to see better results as the increased level entered my system.

I'm glad to report that it's finally working! Checked the scale this morning and discovered I lost 2.4 lbs! Yay! Actually, more than Yay! I'm so glad that I didn't give up as it would have been so easy but I feel even more determined because of the setbacks!

Weight Watchers gave me a quote for the week: "Instead of giving in to cravings, binges and unplanned eating, I ask myself, 'Do I want it?' No I don't. 'Will I eat it?' No I won't."— Yvonne

That's a bit crap as they've given me that quote a million times over but I'm on a personal high so I don't mind too much.

I'm also excited because I discovered my new favorite jam: Smuckers Sugar Free Apricot Preserves! One tablespoon has no WW points and that's the perfect among to spread on toast!

Hey there, fellow Gravesie. I hope this dosage increase brings your TSH to a nice low level (but not too low, of course). Hypothyroidism sucks in a completely unique and unbearable way.

About that WW picture -- I've heard what's-her-name say in interviews that she thought she was a fat cow at the time she played WW, but now she sees herself as she really was -- puny. I mean, look at that waist! It's too bad we can't see ourselves for what we are WHEN we are. Did that make sense? It's a shame to hate your body only to discover years later that you had every reason to love it.

Sand, I didn't know till now that you had hyperthyroidism. I'm sorry. I know women with this and have heard that it makes it difficult to lose weight. I also did a tiny bit of reading on Graves Disease tonight and understand just a little bit better now what you've been dealing with. I'm sorry if I ever sounded insensitive and casual about diets--clearly I hadn't gone through what you go through everyday.

I'm still in your corner. Good going--this was quite a week! And ITA and feel what winterwhite wrote about the shame in having lack of objectivity in seeing our own bodies sometimes.
Good job Sand. I admire your persistence. How far do you think you have to go?
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