Monday, September 05, 2005


WW: Three cheers for Synthroid!

I've been on the increased dose of Synthroid for a week now and honestly didn't think it would make much of a difference until next week but it did! I lost 1.6 lbs this week! Yay!!!

I finally got a quote this week from Weight Watchers!

WAY TO GO! Congratulations for losing weight this week. We hope you're thrilled with the result. Here's a quote by Aristotle that we thought might strike a chord with you: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." Keep practicing your excellence and have a great week.

Last night I was so tempted to eat something and my head kept telling me to just cave and eat something bad- very, very bad as I had used up all my points and even my flex points for the week. Then my body reminded me how much I hate exercising and was it really worth having to exercise even more to binge on something bad. So I made myself some tea, two cups later I was full and didn't feel the urge to splurge.

I expect to see even better results next week! I'm already feeling better with this increased dose! Yay!

Congrats Best Friend!
Last week I gained 2 pounds(I was pretty bad) so I am trying to be good this week. It is very hard and a struggle.
BTW: Love the new blog look.
Hooray for Atreau!!!
Great will power with the tea. I also love the Aristotle quote. I am going to repeat that to myself all day today. I want Excellence to be my new habit.

I was doing GREAT on my journey to a healthy body until I got home form California. Now I have been eating bread like there will be no more in the state of Illinois. I usually NEVER eat bread. ACK. Tomorrow I am going to go back on the straight and narrow.

I second Annie--I love the blog makeover. Looks very streamlined!

Thanks Best Friend and Ms. Jen! It's so hard to eat healthy, especially with all the temptations in the world but I think I'm getting the hang of it!
Congratulations! I love that Aristotle quote.

The new blog look is great!
YaY!!! Way to go. That's great.

Here's a quote from my quote book:

The Mind is the key to health and happiness.

Sai Baba, Indian spiritual master.

Simple but true.

Keep up the battle Wonderwoman. You're doing a fab job!

I'm so happy to hear that you're doing better and that you've had a victorious week. I'm trying to change my diet now by eating less fried foods (no more French fries) and red meat in general (I still do but not more than twice a week). I have more energy now, and I have lost the weight I'd put on during the summer (7 lbs). Keep at it--it'll all be worth it...so, very worth it to take control over your body. You are Wonder Woman--believe it, and just stay focused and determined, and know that you are worth fussing over till you're satisfied.
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