Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Flora Napa Valley Cielo

Cielo is the word for both sky and heaven in both Spanish and Italian. The name suits it as Cielo is quite heavenly to my nose.

Described on the site as: Cielo, the original scent that started our company. Inspired by vineyards and hillsides of the California wine country. Fresh on the top (Daphne), warm in the middle (grapeleaf, fig and honey), seductive on the finish (oak and sandalwood). Unmistakably alluring.

Alluring indeed, Cielo is a fragrance that seems rather timeless. It's one that could easily been worn centuries ago, in current times and in centuries to be.

It starts of sweet and the fig is quite apparent but not overwhelming, just the perfect amount. The scent of fig mixes in with light woods and an undertone of honeysuckle which slowly enrobes over the fragrance.

I find the staying power of Cielo to be incredibly long lasting. Cielo can easily be a year round fragrance but is best in my opinion as a late summer, early autumn fragrance.

Cielo retails for $74/3.3 oz. at Hampton Court or $56/1.7 oz. at Beautyhabit. You can also order the fragrances from Flora Napa Valley.

One of my favorites. And the bottle is so huge! I've decanted off so many vials and worn it several times this summer, and I'm still looking at half a bottle.
Beautifully described! You're absolutely right about the timelessness of this one. I love it too and as soon as I find it in the box where I put everything away, I'm going to wear it.

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