Thursday, October 27, 2005


The hunt for the scarf continues

Hope was a rather difficult model to work with, she was far too demanding and refused to pose for the camera. I had to hold a treat in my hand to take these pictures.

My hunt for a new scarf had been on hold as it hasn't been cold out here until a few days ago when a cold front moved in and I was feeling rather upset that I hadn't bought a scarf yet and then fate stepped in and I happened to find these two scarves listed on Etsy: Gryffindor Scarf and Slytherin Scarf.

They are hand crocheted by Brooke of bjerks_goodies who happens to be a Sampler contributor - by coincidence I got one of her hemp bracelet in this month's Sampler!

As they were only $10 each I obviously had to buy them both! Gryffindor to wear on days when I'm feeling nice and Slytherin for days when I'm feeling evil!

The Gryffindor scarf is slightly longer at 84" including the fringe and it's 4.5" wide. The Slytherin scarf is 70" long including the fringe and also 4.5" wide.

The pictures don't do them justice at all! Really beautiful, soft and so warm! Ah, my hunt for the perfect scarf isn't over yet but these will do in the mean time.

Jealous? You don't have to be! She's got an adult sized Gryffindor Scarf and many other goodies in her Etsy Shop. You can't beat the prices, the quality's fantastic, Brooke is an absolute gem and they arrived in no time at all.

Awesome! I have a friend who would LOVE a Gryffindor scarf, but I hesitated to buy the ones available "officially" b/c so many people said they were itchy. And the price on this rocks! Once again, you always know where the good shopping is! Mwah!
Very jealous indeed. I have a feeling though that I should just buy a Slytherin scarf, when do I ever feel nice? :-D
Hope is gorgeous!!!!!!
Hope may have been an uncooperative model, but her stylist has impeccable taste.
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