Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Mahleewan Custom Cloud9 Bracelet

Less than three weeks ago I got an e-mail from Mahleewan that I won the drawing for a custom Cloud9 bracelet! I've never really liked my name, as it feels rather old and formal. When I was little I went by Sandy but then people started calling me "Sandy the dog" because Annie. I could never find items in my name and when I did, they only came in "Sandy"

I don't mind when people call me Sandy but I can't call myself Sandy because everyone knows that Sandy is name for a thin, blonde girl who wears a ponytail! But Sand I like, Sand suits me.

Anyhow, I was going through the process of creating it and then it struck me that Sand would look a bit stupid. I could have chosen not to add my name of course but I knew someone who would want a bracelet like this with their name on it.....my sister!

Sarah is a name you say with jazz hands. Sarah is the girl who talks too much and is obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. Sarah thinks deep down inside that she's really a Princess. Sarah's going to love this bracelet!!!

For Sarah *jazz hands* I ordered the birthstone in garnet, silver spacers, her name and a silver toggle clasp. It's a 7.5 bracelet inch bracelet and is simply beautiful! The picture I took doesn't do it justice! The custom Cloud9 bracelet starts at $33.

There are other incredibly chic and stylish pieces on the site as well at fantastic prices. Plus, there's free shipping on the site!

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