Sunday, October 16, 2005


October Sampler

My October Sampler arrived on Friday but I hadn't had a chance to take a picture of it.

Here are the contents:

A button from Milkypop
A slug bookmark from Novelty Kitten
A pack of photo stickers from Art School Dropout
A Halloween pumpkin hanger from Sewing Stars - I totally wanted this! :)
A "magic hat" zipper pull from Little Pagans
Stationary from Sini Puu
Bobby Pins from Lauren Urban
A Halloween gift tag from Demarco Designs with a roll of Smarties attached. A little trivia for you: Did you know that Smarties are called Rockets in Canada? Smarties to Canadians are chocolate candies that look like M&M's. I've never had Canadian Smarties but I have had Rockets.
An autumn breeze pendant sample from 4square
A Halloween ornament from Magpie Molly
A kilt pin from Erin Elizabeth
A notecard from Tezzkatt Arts
Candy Corn vegan lip balm from Heather Joy
A pin from Heavenly Skull
A magnet from Effulgent Crafts
Mint chocolate chip yarn from Baa Baa Yarn
A hemp bracelet from Bjerks_goodies
A skull keychain from Dying Breed
A Halloween gift card from Young and With It industries
A bee card from The Sampler Shop

There was also little bag of Jelly Bellys from Ju-be.

I LOVE Halloween! Yesterday I went to Target where they had two different Hello Kitty trick or treat baskets. I didn't buy them...yet. I have two different HK Easter baskets and obviously need these to add to my collection but I wasn't shopping for myself yesterday. Hopefully I'll find them on clearance.

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