Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Regina Harris Amber Vanilla

Regina Harris is a famous makeup artist and perfumer who's work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, W, Marie Claire as well as many other publications. Her artistry doesn't end there as she's also branched out into sculpting. Pictures of her work can be seen on her own website and through L'Atelier NYC.

Hearing both major rants and raves on Regina Harris' Amber Vanilla I was incredibly anxious to test it out myself. Especially since I love both amber and vanilla!

You know that scent you get when you walk into a used book store? Like a slightly dusty, aged wood type of scent. That's what I got as soon as I applied this oil on my skin. While I love that scent, it's certainly not one that I want to wear. Thankfully, it goes away after the oil is warmed by the skin, then come the vanilla and amber. The amber is sweetened significantly by the vanilla although, the vanilla itself isn't overwhelmingly sweet. If you're expecting a very dry amber fragrance, you won't find it here. They compliment each other very nicely.

I also smell spices (mainly ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg) as well as incense in here, the incense starts off a bit stronger than the spices. I was incredibly pleased with this scent until I could detect something else in the mix, coriander! I think with coriander you either love it or hate it. I happen to love it but it seems to stand out in this mix and won't let you forget it. While it's a nice fragrance, It would have been far better with the exclusion of the coriander.

The staying power of Amber Vanilla is really good and I think it's absolutely perfect for autumn. This is one I could see adding to my collection but not one that I necessarily need.

Amber Vanilla retails for $125/15 ml and can be purchased through Barneys, Beautyhabit, La Creme Beauty and Luckyscent.

I loved Amber Vanilla and also get an incense note, but no coriander though, which I guess is for the best anyway. Even if I didn't like the juice I still would have wanted it for the bottle.
Your nose is way more refined than mine! I can never discern all the notes you do. With this one, for the first hour or so all I got was nasty unsmoked cigarette tobacco (don't ask me why I know how that smells). I scrubbed it off HARD after the first half hour, but it stayed and remained that way for another half hour (maybe more).

All of a sudden it morphed into one of the most gorgeous ambers I've ever laid schnoz on! I rarely have the patience to sit through a long horrific opening to wait for a gorgeous drydown, but I'm tempted to with this one!
*Swoon* I love love love this one, and am trying to forget that I want it this much. I could hardly get the vanilla, which is a good thing for me. This is one of the most beautiful ambers I've ever encountered, and I really like amber. Coriander, eh? I'll have to check again. Not sure I know what coriander smells like.
Oooh look at that bottle! It looks like the spire of a cathedral...but has this Russian feel to it...love it!
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