Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Regina Harris - Frankincense Myrrh Rose Maroc

I wasn't too sure what to choose as my autumn fragrance and had narrowed it down to Regina Harris original fragrance or Nanadebary Bronze. I went with the Bronze and am now feeling a tinge of regret. Not that I'm unhappy with the Bronze, it's nice and smells lovely on me but it can't compete with incense and roses!

Why didn't it hit me? Incense and roses smell so much better on a cold day like today! Ugh, nevermind the fact that it's not very cold here - at least not until night. I really should have used better judgment in my decision!

Anyhow, the notes in Regina Harris are: frankincense, myrrh, rose maroc. The incense hit you right away. If you aren't a big incense fan, you're going to hate this as soon as you apply it. I'm a bit iffy on incense alone but mixed in with other notes it's wonderful. As this is oil, it takes a while to sink and warm into the skin but slowly the rose comes out, I also smell some clove in here.

I'm not too crazy about the fragrance when I first apply it but after about fifteen minutes it's wonderful and heavenly. I love this, I really do!

I should have bought it but was trying to show some self restraint. I told myself "Look at all the fragrances you have, buy it once you've finished a bottle!"

But today, oh today I'd settle for just this one fragrance as my entire collection....well this and Parfums Delrae's Bois de Paradis which I also NEED.

*sobs* Regina Harris retails for $125/15 ml. and is available at Barneys Beautyhabit, La Creme Beauty and Luckyscent.

This is a gorgeous scent in a stunning bottle. I love Bois de Paradis as well...Of course you need both of them, they are truly stunning.

Signed, Enabler.
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