Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Retail Therapy

As I wasn't feeling too good this past weekend I decided to do some retail therapy. I went straight to Plain Mabel as I had been meaning to order some more Switchrings, as I have man hands I have to buy the large ones and there were only two packages left in stock so I ordered those two.

A few minutes after I placed my order I got this message:

Hi Sandra,

Thanks so much for your order and for continuing to shop Plain Mabel! Your new packs of Switchrings will ship tomorrow, 10/24/05.

By the way, these are our last two packs of size Large -- more are on the way soon, maybe this week. So if the ones you receive are not colors you like (or if they overlap too much with what you have), you're welcome to return them for different ones when they are back in stock. (The packs must be unopened to be returned.)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again!

Isn't that so sweet and totally awesome! I luckily didn't get any repeats but am now bound and determined to have the entire assortment of colors.

Switchrings are incredibly chic and funky and the only place to buy them online is through Plainmabel.

Anyhow, I store my plastic, glass and beaded rings in this box which fits them all perfectly, when I remember to put them away.

My ring box closed

The drawers taken out of the ring box.

OMG where'd you get that jewelry box?? My company makes them! so funny...

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