Monday, October 03, 2005


Sample Sampler

I bought a Sampler Sampler from The Sampler Shop on September 23rd and it arrived today. I was in a grumpy mood that day and when I saw that these were up for sale I bought one.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and a guitar arrived at the door!

A few minutes after that, my Chinese food arrived - Hunan Chicken - my favorite dish!


I don't think so!

From the September Sampler:

2 pins the say "Be Kind" from Share The Care.

A retro card and envelope from Kitschy-Kitschy-Koo

A felt brooch from Chebang.

A mini bag book from Turtle Kisses - I got one of these in last month's sampler.

From the August Sampler:

A vintage milkcap pin from Tiny Airplanes.

From the June/July Sampler:

A beaded toe ring from Lanak Crafts.

A yo-yo brooch from Frosty Lime Designs.

A soap sample from Franklin Street Soap Co.

A monster bear button from Monster Fashion.

A bracelet with a shrinky dink charm on it which arrived broken *sobs* from Sugar Hand Grenade.

A glitter block magnet from Thea Starr - I got one of these in my June/July sampler.

From the May Sampler:

A photo charm from Magpie Molly

A book mark from Lucky Accessories

Not sure from which Sampler:

A Coca-Cola magnet from Fork 'n Spoon Mailorder.

From the The Sampler Shop:

A Bunnylump card from Plain Mabel. I got one of these when I ordered the set of Switchrings from there.

The Sampler Sampler set me back $12 plus $2 for shipping.

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