Thursday, October 13, 2005


Series Boxed Sets

This is total crap! I have already have each individual season on dvd already and now they are coming out with complete series boxed sets for both Sex and the City and Friends! Plus, these cost a whole lot less than it did to collect each individual season! UGH!!

Sex and the City - The Complete Series $194.97 at Amazon.

Friends - The One with All Ten Seasons $199.99 at Amazon.

I'm sorry you got them all separately, but I must confess to being thrilled that I can get all of SATC for cheap. I have the first 2 seasons, but the rest were looking too pricey. Now I just have to wait for that box set to show up on ebay :~D
Rrrrr...! I'd be a little POed, too, but hey, that SATC box set cover is dynamite. Amazing how they keep us wanting for more, eh? ;-D
I totally know this feeling and it's why I have not yet bought the full set of Harry Potter books! I hate having a box set sitting on my shelf with the next 3 books next to it. That irks me.

Oh, by the way, consider yourself TAGGED! Check my blog. ♥
I'll probably end up caving on the SATC series as it's my absolute favorite!

Thanks darling R for tagging me, it was fun and you have to cave on the HP books! I just love them!
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