Tuesday, October 18, 2005


WW: Comments make me gain weight!

Stepped on the scale yesterday and checked out the number staring back at me. WTF?!?! Is this a joke? I stepped on again five different times and still the number stayed the same. I GAINED .6 lbs! That's as if I slapped on two sticks of butter on my ass!

To make matters worse I didn't get a quote for the week, this is what I was told:

GREAT JOB for logging your weight! We notice that you've gained a little this week. You should know that gaining weight every now and then is a natural part of the weight-loss journey.

I'm not feeling too bad as this was the first week that people mentioned they could tell I was losing weight and that my clothes were getting a bit baggy. I'm not quite swimming in them but they are loose.

Ugh, I'm a bit frustrated but the compliments were a big boost to my motivation, just not enough.

I think that's just water weight or something; don't take it to heart. ***Sand Fan Club***
I agree! That's not weight gain. When I have PMS I gain 8lbs and it's just water weight!!!! Sometimes you can't trust the scales because your body does it's own thing. Don't worry next time you'll have lost weight!
Hey babe! It could be water weight like Sali said, or it could be that you're still losing fat, but gained some muscle (which weighs more). Exercise can do that, you know! Stay strong sweetie!
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