Wednesday, November 02, 2005



If these boots (in brown) arrived in your sister's name and in your sister's size to your address wouldn't you naturally give them to your sister?

Note to Sar: The universe clearly wants me to own these shoes! Why else would they have come in my name!?!?

Nope, I would wear them anywhere I thought my sister would not see them on my sneaky yet crafty hooves.


I do not have a sister.


I *love* the brown ones!
what brand are they? I really like them!
It would depend on whether or not my sister (in this hypothetical situation) wore the same size as I do, and whether or not MY credit card had been charged for them. In *this* reality, no - they'd hurt my giant-ass feet.
Clearly it's a gift. Thank her profusely.
They're Aerosoles which were sent to my sister in my name and my size. She wears a 8.5 and I wear and 11! There is no way they'll fit her! Creep! They were a contest win, no idea why they were sent in my name. Plus, my sister lives in a different state!
*paraphrasing*: To the sister go the spoils!
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