Monday, November 21, 2005


Favorite Things: Jaqua French Bulldog Café Wake-Up Kit

If Oprah can have a list of favorite things why can't I? I present to you the first on my list of Sand's favorite things!

I had been eyeing this set for a while as I heard nothing but raves on Jaqua's shower gels and body butters so I decided to cave on this kit and I'm glad that I did!

Described as:

Jaqua French Bulldog Café Wake-Up Kit

For a full-body wake up. Set includes 8-ounce bottle Foaming Caramel Cappuccino Hydrating Shower Syrup, 6-ounce bottle Radiant Ritual Citrus Verbena Dry Oil Body Spray, 6-ounce jar Chocolate Sinfully Rich Body Butter and a Plush Terry Wash Mitt. Gather the girls for fresh baked treats for face, hands and feet! Includes a hexagon-shaped box whimsicallydesignedd to look like our favorite bakery.

Adorable!! Adorable!! Adorable!! I love the way it comes boxed up as we all know with a gift, presentation is everything! The Caramel Cappuccino Shower Syrup is divine! It smells just wonderful but doesn't linger on your skin so you don't have to worry about it clashing with your fragrance. I can't wait to try more of their shower gel scents. Did I mention that they don't dry out the skin which scores huge points in my book as my eczema flares up this time of year. (retails for $16)

The Citrus Verbena Dry Oil Spray is fantastic. It opens up with a lemon/lime scent then the verbena comes kicking around. Left my skin silky smooth. The scent does linger so this would be perfect to layer with a citrus fragrance but in all honestly, it's quite lovely on it's own. I wore this to bed the other day and the fragrance still lingered on my skin. (retails for $20)

The chocolate body butter is very rich, a little goes a long way with it which reallysurprisedd me as I mentioned me and my dry lizard skin before. Kept my skin supple all day. The fragrance on this lasted as well, it smells a lot like milk chocolate which would layer well with a number of gourmand fragrances and so many vanillas. I think I'll save this for days when I wear Piment et Chocolat.(retails for $20)

The Jaqua French Bulldog Café Wake-Up Kit retails for $39.50 which is a savings of $16.50 if you were to buy the items individually.

Available at:

Bath & Bodyworks

B-glowing 15% off with code: quick. Free shipping on orders over $75.


Sephora 12 free deluxe samples w/ $40 purchase with code: TREASURE05. Free shipping on orders over $75

Too right!!
Will you be giving stuff away too? :-)
I wish I had connections like Oprah to give stuff away! There are somethings every woman (or man) needs in life!
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