Thursday, November 17, 2005


Lulu Guinness Cast a Spell

I do love the original Lulu Guinness and couldn't wait to try out the newest one, Cast A Spell which I did because of the generosity of the fabulous and incredibly giving Trina!

The notes in Cast A Spell according to Sephora are: Dark Berries, Frosted Blackberry Pulp, Mulberry, Red Currant, Iced Lavender, Lilac Petals, Davana Blossoms, Black Velvet Fig, Amber, Bourbon, White Patchouli

But what does it smell like?

Well, it opens up with patchouli. Ah, patchouli - it's one of those notes that have the ability to make or break a scent. With fragrances that have noticeable patchouli I prefer to wear them in colder weather as the Texas heat makes them smell quite awful.

As the patchouli fades there is a mixed berry scent that comes into play. I love berries and always seem to adore fragrances that have berry notes in them. This is no exception. It smells divine, more of a cooked berry scent over fresh berries - think a mixed berry jam or sauce.

The floral notes really aren't evident on me, minor players if you will. I'm sure if I concentrated hard enough I'd find them but I'm too busy dancing in the land of the berry!

Once all is said and done, and I'm talking about hours and hours after initial application the only note I detect is fig.

This to me is so perfect for cold weather and the staying power is incredible. I was afraid at first that it may be too much when I first sprayed it but after letting it dry down it was just perfect. Very lovely, I think I prefer this over the original Lulu Guinness fragrance.

Cast A Spell retails for $38/1 oz., $58/1.7 oz., and $88/3.4 oz. at Sephora.

I heard from someone that Cast a Spell reminded her of Lolita Lempicka...please tell me it is not true?
As I posted on MUA this smells like Baby Doll meets Amor Amor in the opening and somewhat like LL in the drydown. To be honest I'm shocked you liked it! I found it unoriginal and like so many other mainstream fragrances on the market. It's funny because we usually have the same taste completely, but on the last to FlowerOriental and this one we are completely different. I loved the new Kenzo and loathed this. :)
I just checked on MUA and two other posters have classified this as a LL and Amor Amor relative. I guess if you like LL this good and if ya don't you're not going to like this. I just can't stomach fruit and patchouli. I take my patchouli with chocolate and spices and my fruit with amber and vanilla. However, you're still my scent guru!
Thank you for a review! The bottle is adorable.

I don't find Cast a Spell similar to Lolita Lempicka at all. I find the anise to be very heavy and overpowering in LL.

Grapefruit is so predominent in Babydoll for me. I haven't worn Amor Amor but it smells lovely on my best friend.
I agree it's more wearable than LL. Have you tried the LL Midnight Fragrance?
I've never tried Lolita Lempicka Midnight. LL is one fragrance I really should test again as I think I cast it aside too quickly.
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