Thursday, November 10, 2005


Oguma Facial Mask and AquaKey set

Oguma was sending this set for the first 15,000 people who signed up. If you're used to using hydrating masks, this follows the same principle but lets you decide on how moisturizing you want it to be.

I'm rather iffy on hydrating masks as I find them to feel strange and while my face doesn't feel any more moisturizer, it does look better. I did try one to see how they compared to pre-moistened masks and actually preferred this method.

The paper masks are very thin, similar to blotting papers and it took several sprays to adhere it to my face. I have a oval shaped face and this mask is made more for rounder faces so it didn't fit me quite right. It dried in about twenty minutes and I then peeled it off.

While I liked this method better, I don't think I'd rush out to purchase this item.
The site mentions that this retails for $48 for 6 applications.

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