Friday, November 04, 2005


Rosine Rose D'argent

I couldn't find much on the Rosine's Rose D'argent as it's been long discontinued. I was able to find Luscious Cargo's description of it when it was available through the site:

The mysteries of anise and amber are gracefully coupled with absolutes of Turkish Rose, geranium and angelica. A heady rose with just the right touch of spice. Notes: Head - Green anise, pepper, geranium leaves. Heart - Turkish rose essence, Grasse rose absolute. Base - Ambrette seed, angel root. Created 2000.

I purchased a partially used bottle unsniffed due in part to it's rarity but also to the fact that it was described as a spicy rose and I'm a sucker for spicy roses! Plus, could I really pass it up after the description on An Alabaster Brow?

Very different from what I was expecting as most spicy rose fragrances are pepper heavy but this starts off with a lot of anise. I'm not usually a huge fan of anise fragrances but this I don't mind. The rose isn't evident right away and it seems a bit dry but it does come out as the day goes on. It dries down very earthy with a touch of amber. Very, very pretty and I have no regrets over this purchase.

The staying power is fairly good and this scent is perfect for this windy day with a high of 81°. I'm sorry they discontinued it as it's very unique, right down to the color. With this and the earrings, I'm having a bit of a purplelicious day!

Rose d'Argent is a beautiful rose, more substantial than Ecume or Roseberry; in fact I thought it was the most voluptuous rose in the collection. I remember smelling this at Aedes. I never noticed any anise in it--just a gorgeous blend that had body and freshness.
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