Monday, November 07, 2005


WW: 4 sticks of butter

I started the week out excellent and stuck to my points. Even on Halloween, I stopped at after two pieces of candy - that's like a world record or something because when it comes to me and candy I'm like Takeru Kobayashi.

Then came the weekend and all hell broke loose. I for the most part have been staying away from bread since joining Weight Watchers but you wouldn't think it seeing me this weekend. I was like freakin' Kirby, inhaling it in!

On Friday alone I think I ate six pieces of bread. Not to mention I was eating pasta so it was like Carbfest 2005! You'd think I'd stop there with the overindulgence right?

Oh no, not so fast!

Dairy Queen started running it's promos on the blizzard of the month, the pumpkin pie blizzard! Are you freakin' kidding me! It's limited, delicious and has my name written all over it!

Me being ever so thrifty decided to get the largest one and saved half for the next day which I did! Suprise, surprise!

After all that I was terrified to step on the scale today expecting at least an additional five pounds added to my frame. Luckily it was just one pound! *Whew* But still, 4 sticks of butter = 1 lb!

There was an episode of According To Jim where the character of Andy (the brother in law) mentions his recipe of "Sin Sticks" where he took a stick of butter, rolled it in sugar and ate it.

I feel like a slug who feasts on sin sticks. Ugh, I'm so disappointed in myself as I'm exactly where I was two weeks ago. I can't stand myself today, I guarantee this won't be repeated ever again!

All I can think about is: "MMmmm, butter rolled in sugar? Sounds tasty!"

I am so bad when it comes to that weight watching stuff.
(((Sand))) I feel your pain! I've been AWFUL this past week, and I can *feel* the extra weight coming back. I need to go Hard Core to fix this, I think :~P

Solidarity, sistah! You can do it!!!
It happens. Every year for me. You're back on track so that's the important thing. ;-)
HAHA! Sin sticks. Listen, don't be so hard on yourself. We all have snappage every once in a while (you should have seen me yesterday eating halloween candy for breakfast). Sometimes hormonal, sometimes other reasons.

My quote for you this week: You gained a pound and had fun doing it. Don't kill yourself with guilt, chalk it up to your periodic indulgence and move on. If you need to do penance, walk an extra 20 minutes a day. And good for you, getting back on track!

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