Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Youth Dew Amber Nude

I've never really cared for the original Youth Dew. When I was twelve, my best friend had been given several different fragrances by her father and she gave me the ones she didn't care for. I took all of them except one, Youth Dew. We tried to get my sister to like it, she was then eight or nine and quickly passed on it as well.

Youth Dew Amber Nude is described on the Neiman Marcus website as:

Now, your skin and your senses are under the influence of Tom Ford.

Youth Dew Amber Nude is warm, sensual, intimate. A fragrance that invites you to get closer. Radiant florals, dark chocolate, spices and the blatant sensuality of a black rose beckon a woman to feel warm and sexy in her bare skin.

Tom Ford on his inspiration for Youth Dew Amber Nude:I took the original Youth-Dew fragrance, which is my favorite Estée Lauder fragrance, and changed it slightly. When you have a wonderful classic like this, you want to keep it pure and true to its heritage. Youth Dew Amber Nude does this in a way that will seduce a young contemporary woman. It's something that you want to be close to.

The notes according to Bois de Jasmin include tea, ginger, magnolia, grapefruit, black rose, carnations, jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, amber, vetiver, chocolate, musk, vanilla.

So how does this smell?

Well, one of my favorite soups in the world is Hot & Sour soup which is rather basic and very easy to make but there are times where you don't get it quite right and it's either too spicy or too sour that's the case for me on Youth Dew Amber Nude.

When I first sprayed it on there seemed to be too much of something going on and it seemed somewhat sour on me. Carnation and jasmine seem to be the most predominant floral notes. There is some spicy goodness in here and this should be a fragrance I'd traditionally like, but I don't.

Not to say this fragrance totally sucks, I could see this being incredibly lovely on someone else - just not me. A little goes a long way with this one, one spray and you're good to go for hours.

Youth Dew Amber Nude retails for $65/2.5 oz at Neiman Marcus.

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