Wednesday, December 21, 2005


December/January Sampler

My sampler actually arrived on Monday but the batteries in my camera died. This was by far the most fragrant sampler I'd ever received! As I love all things scented, I declare this The Best Sampler Ever!

This is what arrived:

A stick pin from Erin Elizabeth Jewelry. - So beautiful, I really love this!
A ginger and lime bath melt from Scrub Your Butt Soap Co. - Amazing scent! I love me some ginger baby!
A newspaper from Warm 'n Fuzzy
Earrings from Dancing Stones - Lovely colors and score for lever back closures!
A wallpaper bookmark from Posy Press
A zine from Sini Puu
A card from Sappy Cards
A card from Cute as a button
A hot chocolate button from Kat's Meow
A Christmas gift tag from Nesting with Style
Bath tea from Prairieland Herbs
A soda tab bracelet from Copacetique
A paper pack from Chebang
A "I want to be a strawberry" button from Button Arcade
Holiday gift tags from Wataame
Candy cane incense from Mother's Hearth Incense
Fetus Navidad from FeTO - the name cracked me up! She's a Degrassi fan! Holla Degrassi!
A zine from Modern Suspenders
A crochet cupcake keychain from Sweet Honey Complex - This is so cute I'm going to cry!
Gift tags from e. marie arts

Where does one get a sampler like this?? I am soo jealous.
Thanks ombligo...just saw that you had linked to me...so i thought i'd check out your blog and add it to my bloglines! best to you...amy
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