Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Favorite Things: Cableknit Accessories!

I've always been so ga-ga for cableknit anything. In all honesty I really don't know if I've ever owned a cable knit sweater, perhaps as a child?

Sweaters don't really flatter people on the chunky side because it's inevitable that you end up looking like a sausage. Unless of course you wear a sweater that's two sizes two big then you look like you're wearing a tent.

Anyhow, these accessories look great against both fit and fluffier bodies! I still have yet to find a scarf and am really swooning over these scarves and hats from The Gap. I had been looking for something handmade but these are softly calling my name!

Cable Scarves at Gap.com $24.50 (shown in turquoise.)

Cable Cap at Gap.com $14.50 (shown in raspberry rose.)

I have been swooning over the Bangle Bags at Margaret Nicole for a while now but seeing as how my obsession over fragrance seems to always take presidence I've yet to cave on one.

I wouldn't even know which color to choose and the ribbon choices are nearly endless! Ah, someday Bangle Bag you will be mine!

Someday, *sobs* but not today!

Margaret Nicole Bangle Bags $150 - $200.

I LOVE that pursue. I've been thinking about taking up knitting and now I may have to.
I want that purse, it's so adorable! I'm trying to teach myself to knit but can't get past step one so it'll be some time before I knit anything!
I love those bags...love them, especially the brown one. Me want. Me need!
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